Special Needs

Our dogs with special needs can include physical or emotional needs, and/or age.

They all need loving and patient forever homes. We deeply appreciate help through your donations

for ongoing medical needs such as prescription drugs

Adoption fees for all of our dogs include Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Rabies and other standard vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs you can fill out an Online Adoption Form by clicking Here.


Name: Applebee - Sanctuary

Chihuahua, Male, Medium

Birth date: 07/07/04


Special Needs: The family moved out and left this little guy to fend for himself in the back yard. Neighbors were sympathetic and brought him food and water. After several weeks we were able to bring him into rescue. He is still very worried about what life might bring and is working hard at settling in with his foster family. He loves to run and play with the other foster Chihuahuas his size. He needs a bit more contact with other people to become more confident and comfortable with strangers.


Good with - Dogs: Y, Cats: Y, Kids: Y

Adoption Fee: $150

Boots 222-2.jpg

Name: Boots - 5 lbs - Special Needs

Chihuahua, Male

Birth date: To follow. About 6 yrs. old


I am so friendly and so happy that once you hold me you will think we've known each other forever. I have a mild seizure disorder coupled with a renal problem. ECR is working on balancing my meds so I can live a happy life with you. I know you are a very special person. Otherwise you wouldn't have stopped to read about me. Please let me be very special in your life.


Good with - Dogs: Y, Cats: ?, Kids: Kids: Y

Adoption fee: $200


Name: Callie - Young! - Special Needs

Chihuahua Mix

Birth date: 12-23-14


It's hard to believe that I am a special needs dog. I have "Addison's Disease". But as long as I stay on my medication I am able to live a long and happy life. I am very sweet and love to play. I get along great with other animals, I love kids and I'll make you laugh and smile. Please say you will take good care of me.


Good with - Dogs: Y, Cats: Y, Kids: Y

Adoption fee: $200

Chippy 222.jpg

Name: Chippie - Special Needs

Chihuahua Mix, Female

Birth date: 07-07-15


Hey everybody! I made it! I celebrated my first birthday in July. A lot of people helped me with my surgery and all the problems I had. Thank you. You saved my life. I still have a mega-esophagus and I have to be fed in a special chair four times a day. But when I'm not doing that I am a wild and crazy adolescent and I love my life.


Good with - Dogs: Y, Cats: Y, Kids: Y

Adoption Fee: $200


Name: Honey Bee - Sanctuary

Chihuahua, Female, Medium

Birth date: 07/01/06


I was horribly abused, passed around and then neglected. I was rescued from a garbage can by a dog lover who could not keep me. I am doggie door trained and don't have accidents in the house. It would be best if I could be an only child. I am very possessive with my food or a bone. You would be too if you were starved to near death. I dream of sitting on the lap of my special person who will tell me I am safe and loved forever.


Good with - Dogs: Y- with exceptions, except around food, Cats: Y, Kids N

Adoption Fee: $100

Snickerdoodles 222-2.jpg

Name: Snickerdoodles - Senior - Special Needs

Chihuahua, Male

Birth date: To follow. About 10 yrs.


I'm a snuggle-bunny and very sweet, handsome and well-behaved. I have bad cataracts in one eye and I am blind in the other. But I get around pretty well and I never miss out on any of the food or cuddle action in my foster home. I have so much love to give and I would love to meet you and show you what a good little boy I am. Please give me a chance, because I am so worth it!


Good with: Dogs: Y, Cats: Y, Kids: Well behaved

Adoption Fee: $150