Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fostering,

But Were Afraid to Ask

It's easy to express your love for dogs by providing a temporary home for one who was just rescued. The dogs we save are mostly frightened, hungry, and terribly in need of being held and loved. Their needs are so easy to meet. And they are so grateful for any act of kindness on your part.

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Q & A

What do I need to provide?

A loving home, socialization, and basic supplies like a bed, food, toys. The most important things you can supply are love, attention, and two arms or a lap to let them know they are safe and cared for.


What do you provide?

We take care of all medical expenses, set up appointments for spay/neuter and will take and return the dog to you after any medical procedure if you are unable or do not want to participate in veterinary visits.


What do I have to do?

We have Meet N' Greets at pet stores in the area every Saturday and/or Sunday. We only require that you bring your foster to 2 Meet N' Greets per month, but we encourage you to come more frequently and stay if you can, to talk to perspective adopters about your dog.


What's in it for me?

Okay, you may feel a twinge of sadness when you hand over you foster to her new mom or dad, but that is quickly followed by this wonderful rush you get all over your body that makes you grin from ear to ear because you and you alone made that dog adoptable. And guess what? You can do it again and again.


What if I don't like fostering after I start?

We come get the dog. We thank you for trying. We never try to change your mind.


Ready to give it a try?

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